Adela Wong

Beauty Editor

Hello, I am Adela Wong, located in Manila, Philippines.

I am a mom of 2, and I enjoy writing about beauty and skincare.

I wrote poems and children's short stories when I was a kid. The first book series I indulged myself in was R.L. Stine's Goosebumps. After so many years, and now that I am already a mother, I found it surprising that I am returning to my first loved hobby - writing.

I considered myself a fashion enthusiast before my desire for skincare rose. I love clothes and shoes - I was a sneakerhead (Nike Air Jordans).

I knew I would be forever in love with fashion, but then I got to explore the skincare world. This opened my eyes more to another aspect of beauty.

I savor the finer things in life, like boba, jajangmyeon, fried chicken, and face masks.

I have a normal-combo skin type. Growing up, I had many insecurities due to teenage breakouts. When I turned adult, my face stopped being remarkably problematic; however, eczema hit me on my hands. This is the primary skin concern I have been battling until now.

If you have any comments or suggestions, email me at [email protected].

Welcome everyone, and always be shimmering. ♥

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