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Isntree Reviews

I’m not going to lie. The Korean beauty market can get saturated at times. With one release after another, it can be challenging to keep up—and our wallets get a beating, too! Popular brands like COSRX, Beauty of Joseon, and Benton already have a cult following, not to mention their bestselling products, which have become staples in our routines, … Read more

The 5 Best Korean AHA Skincare Products for That AHA Moment

Best Korean Alpha Hydroxy Acid AHA Skincare Products

The word acid gets a bad rap for apparent reasons. Pair it with skin, and it sounds like a terrifying combo. It’s a match that makes for heavenly skin — but only if done right. Navigating the world of chemical exfoliators can be complicated, especially if you’ve never tried one. But they’re entirely worth the … Read more

The 9 Best COSRX Products for Acne

The Best COSRX Products for Acne-Prone Skin

I am a packaging person when it comes to skincare. I often buy a product because it looks too cute to be resisted. And this usually ends in disappointment. It was not until I met COSRX that I changed my mind about how skincare brands can be non-cute and non-fancy but effective. Besides, non-fancy packaging … Read more

Jumiso Super Soothing Cica and Aloe Essence Toner Review

Jumiso Super Soothing Cica and Aloe Essence Toner Review

Jumiso has been one of my favorite brands regarding serums ever since I tried out their All Day Vitamin Brightening & Balancing facial serum* a few years back. I’ve also tried out another serum of theirs, the Super Soothing Cica and Aloe facial serum*, and I love it!  Jumiso released two new toners to complement … Read more

Scinic First Treatment Essence Gives Me That Glow

Scinic First Treatment Essence Review

The Scinic First Treatment Essence has stood the test of time, continually trending as one of South Korea’s most popular treatment essences on the market. I have been seeking a replacement for my discontinued Holy Grail [Still bitter about that, Missha]. Scinic First Treatment Essence Review: Where to Buy the Scinic First Treatment Essence? Like … Read more

What Goes First? Toner or Exfoliant?

toner or exfoliant first

Chemical exfoliation significantly impacts your skin’s appearance. It can help fade hyperpigmentation, clear acne, and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. However, knowing where precisely chemical exfoliation should occur in your skincare routine can be confusing. A question I see often is whether you should exfoliate your skin before or after using a toner. TLDR: You … Read more

Numbuzin No.3 Radiance Glowing Jumbo Essence Pad Makes My Skin Glow

Numbuzin No.3 Radiance Glowing Jumbo Essence Pad Review

Anyoung haseyo! As I type this, I still get the same happy, giddy feelings over the huge Numbuzin haul Garden of Muses did for its editors. After reading Seo Yeon Lee’s review of the Numbuzin No.3 Super Glowing Essence Toner, I picked the No. 3 essence pads to try and review. I’m glad I did. … Read more

The Best Humectants for the Skin

Best Humectants for skin

One of the most common things that I hear from aestheticians both online and in my personal and professional life is that dehydration in the skin is one of the most common things they encounter and also one of the most detrimental things to the skin. It’s not too different from the rest of your … Read more

Numbuzin is THAT Girl – Our Editor Reviews 33 Products

Numbuzin reviews

There’s a new Korean skincare brand on the block – and it’s one unlike any other! This brand might have only popped into your radar this year. Or, if you’re familiar with Korean skincare, you’ve likely heard of Numbuzin. My fellow beauty editors from Garden of Muses and I tried everything from this new Seoul-based … Read more

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