Alyssa Tan

Senior Beauty Editor


I’m an obsessed wife, mommy to a little boy, fashion enthusiast, and skincare junkie. I’m also mommy to a 3-year-old furry baby, a Golden Retriever.

I love healthy food and find cooking therapeutic.

Only after an MBA and an untouched Engineering Undergrad qualification did I understand my passion for writing, expressing, and photography could be channeled into something beautiful.

Thus, by 2022, I was serious about writing. It has been an incredible journey ever since.

I’m a beauty content creator passionate about socially and environmentally sustainable brands.

Korean Skincare has a special place in my vanity. My love for makeup and skincare fills up this internet corner as much as my cupboards.

I have acne-prone skin, and my skin is starting to show signs of aging. It's my fault because I never wore sunscreen until now. Another one of my skin concerns is hyperpigmentation – thanks to many days spent in the Indonesian sun without a hat or sunscreen (resulting in sun spots) and being pregnant with my son (resulting in melasma).

Garden of Muses mostly has me reviewing products, a lot of them Korean!

Benefits of Snow Mushroom Tremella Fuciformis for Skin 1

5 Incredible Benefits of Snow Mushroom Tremella Fuciformis for the Skin

Tremella Fuciformis, also known as the snow fungus or silver ear mushroom, has been traditionally used in Asian cultures for ...

Mandelic Acid for Acne

Mandelic Acid Is the Acne-Fighting Ingredient Your Skin Needs

There’s a skincare acid that you should include in your skincare routine if you want to reduce breakouts and fade ...

AHA vs. BHA for Acne

AHA vs. BHA for Acne – Which One Is Better?

A popular step in the Korean skincare routine is using products containing the chemical exfoliants AHA and BHA. Both these ...

The Best COSRX Products for Acne-Prone Skin

The 9 Best COSRX Products for Acne

I am a packaging person when it comes to skincare. I often buy a product because it looks too cute ...

Vitamin C Derivatives

Do Vitamin C Derivatives Work? A Guide to the L-ascorbic Acid Alternatives in 2024

We are definitely in a time of hype and innovation in skincare. While I consider myself one of those too ...

Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate vs. L-Ascorbic Acid

Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate vs. L-Ascorbic Acid: Which One Is Better?

Vitamin C is one of the best skincare ingredients to incorporate into your skincare routine, mainly for its anti-aging, skin-lightening, ...

Treat Hyperpigmentation

Best Korean Skincare for Hyperpigmentation in 2024

If I had to pick public enemy #1 in my never-ending quest towards good skin, I would say that my ...

Benefits of Adenosine in skincare

The Benefits of Adenosine in Skincare

Adenosine is commonly found in many Korean skincare products, especially serums and creams. You may have spotted it in ingredient ...

Best Korean Centella Asiatica (Cica) Products

Best Korean Centella Asiatica (Cica) Products in 2024

Centella Asiatica, also known as cica in the skincare world, is an ingredient that works wonders for soothing red and ...

Best Humectants for skin

The Best Humectants for the Skin

One of the most common things that I hear from aestheticians both online and in my personal and professional life ...

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