Sophia White

Beauty Editor

Hello! My name is Sophia, and I am 47 years young. 90% tea.

I'm originally from Poland but have lived in the USA for ten years. Here, I feel at home. I live in Kansas with my husband and our two boys.

Since I can remember, I was always interested in beauty. I love how makeup can change how I look and feel, how relaxing it is to put a mask on my face, and how rewarding it is to see my skin looking better after taking good care of it. All in all, I'm just passionate about all beauty products.

Even though I've always loved makeup and skincare, I only discovered this world of beauty blogs and YouTube channels sometime in 2013, but I'm so glad I did because I love it!

Thinking about how great it would be to be part of this community and to share my opinions and thoughts with other beauty-obsessed girls, I was honored to be featured in the Garden of Muses’ mag.

And that's how it begins.

My posts are a reflection of my passion. Here, you'll find reviews of products, my favorite items of skincare and makeup, and many makeup looks and tutorials because I love playing with and creating different looks, from everyday subtly defined eyes to elegant colors.

One of my favorite things is to put music on, sit at my vanity, and let my creativity flow. My dearest hubby is looking after our boys because having two very young boys curiously check my makeup items is too stressful!

I should have chosen a makeup artist career. Instead, I got a Master's degree in Chemistry and worked for a few years as a teacher. But makeup, skincare, and beauty blogging have become my greatest hobbies.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you'll enjoy my little beauty corner

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