What Are the Benefits of the Korean Double Cleansing?

Benefits of the Korean Double Cleansing

If you’ve read about beauty, skincare, or makeup, you’ve probably seen the term “Korean double cleansing” pop up somewhere. You might have also seen terms like “oil cleanser,” “foaming cleanser,” “second cleanser,” and “cleansing balm,” and they probably all seem a little confusing. Unless you’re the kind of person to spend a lot of time … Read more

6 Best Sunscreens to Use with Tretinoin in 2023

Best Sunscreen to Use with Tretinoin

So you’re keen on starting tretinoin (aka Retin-A), and you’ve seen the stellar before and after pictures. But you’ve also heard that tretinoin is not your average drugstore aloe gel. If you’re unfamiliar with tretinoin, step back and read our Complete Guide to Tretinoin. Tretinoin increases sun sensitivity. Therefore, sun protection is vital to avoid … Read more

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