Seoul Ceuticals Day Glow Serum Vitamin C – Dud or HG?

seoul ceuticals day glow serum vitamin c review

This Seoul Ceuticals Day Glow Serum – 20% Vitamin C review took unexpected turns as I began researching the product. The real question is where to even start?! I was running out of vitamin C serum. I discovered this vitamin C serum, with over 18k reviews on Amazon, making it one of the most popular … Read more

Houttuynia Cordata skin benefits – Is Heartleaf Korea’s newest skincare darling?

Skin benefits of Houttuynia cordata aka Heartleaf

Houttuynia cordata is a flowering plant with many common names, such as fish mint, fish leaf, fishwort, Heartleaf houttuynia, rainbow plant, chameleon plant, dokudami, or Chinese lizard tail. In skin care, it is also referred to as Heartleaf. It is native to Southeast Asia, including Japan, China, and Vietnam, but it has also been naturalized … Read more

Is Your Skin Barrier Damaged and How To Fix It?

woman repairing skin moisture barrier

Picture this: you’ve been taking excellent care of your skin and love how it looks and feels. You recently purchased an exfoliating serum everyone’s raving about on social media. But within a week or so, your skin seems to have turned on you, like it’s ANGRY. Maybe it’s burning, itchy, really dry, and flaky. Your … Read more

Tretinoin peeling and flaking

tretinoin skin peeling flaking

At a glance, on skin peeling and flaking on tretinoin: What is tretinoin peeling? How do I avoid flaking and peeling? What to do if I started peeling? How long does tretinoin peeling last? No peeling with tretinoin? What is tretinoin peeling? When introducing tretinoin, the skin will go through what is called retinization. Retinoic … Read more

Tretinoin – The Complete Guide

tretinoin complete guide women

What is Tretinoin? Tretinoin is a biologically active form of vitamin A that is extensively proven in treating acne and sun-induced skin aging. Tretinoin Brand Names Tretinoin is the active ingredient in the prescription products Retin-A and Renova. In the United States, tretinoin is available only by prescription. Non-prescription beauty creams may contain retinol, which … Read more

Thank You Farmer Miracle Age Repair Toner – a miracle or just another toner?

Thank You Farmer Miracle Age Repair Toner Review side

Thank You Farmer Miracle Age Repair Toner was the first product I tried from this brand. I must admit that I was drawn to the lovely packaging and the cute company name. I was not paid for this review, nor did I receive it as a gift. At a glance: Price and availability Brand Claims … Read more

Tretinoin and sunscreen – A match made in heaven

best sunscreens for tretinoin

So you’re keen on starting tretinoin (aka Retin-A), and you’ve seen the stellar before and after pictures. But you’ve also heard that tretinoin is not your average drugstore aloe gel. If you’re unfamiliar with tretinoin uses, then step back to our Complete Guide to Tretinoin. Tretinoin increases sun sensitivity therefore sun protection is vital to … Read more